Strategic Competency Building

ASI-I’s key experience and qualifications make it uniquely qualified to become the aviation management talent development advisor for organizations for several reasons:

Works jointly with air transport organizations going through growth or change, championing talent development as a key pillar of change management Focusses uniquely on talent development for managers and executives, which includes applying the most proven techniques for working with this niche group
Comprises a team of experienced educational technologists skilled in designing and developing an array of customized learning solutions, leveraging technology as necessary Employs subject matter experts and instructors who strategically advise air transport organizations and have a full understanding of contemporary key issues
Designs, develops, and administers successful accreditation programs, such as the ACI-ICAO Global AMPAP, as well as other in-house management development programs custom-built for organizations As an ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Full Member with 2 STPs, delivers ICAO training competency development courses and provides assistance to centres in becoming TRAINAIR PLUS members